Me and Villaging Brown

About Me

My name is Ms. Ashley. I am the early childhood enthusiast and play advocate. Visit my Play Enthusiasm page for more of my work for youngsters 0-5!

I run a program called Cocoa Puffs that builds on self esteem and self actualization in Atlanta. I’m also a writer and teacher at the United Africans of America Preschool Community Center.

As a teacher and event planner of over 15 years, I had come to a place where I wanted more for black children…for black families…for black people. Tired of teaching watered down lessons that didn’t prepare our children for the future, I took back how I educated our youth.

Plus, I now have a son. That changed me, too.

The Problem

No one really talks about early childhood. No one really talks about how to prep our young children accordingly. I think it’s because most of us don’t know how to work with young children. As much as we claim to understand the importance, we don’t understand them. What would a revolutionary and african centered preschool curriculum look like? And how do you teach it?

The Solution

It looks like Kwanzaa 365. And with each post I make here on this website, I’ll help you grow as a teacher, facilitator and guide. You’ll help cement the building blocks that lay the foundation of the future of our people.

We can do this. We have to do this. It takes a village.