Happy Kwanzaa 2017! Day 7: Imani

Celebrate Day 7: Imani

Imani means faith.

Faith in the community. Faith in the people. Faith in our future. Much of this time is about creating a positive mindset and reflection.

Here’s how you can practice faith together:

  1. Write down affirmations on sticky notes in places around your home.
  2. Write positive letters/thank you cards to friends and family.
  3. Practice meditation with the candles on the kinara.
  4. Talk about your favorite things that you did each day for Kwanzaa.
  5. Share some things that you are grateful for with your family.
  6. Go on a quiet nature walk.
  7. Create a shrine for your ancestors.

Try this activity sheet!

For more activities celebrating the principles of Kwanzaa all year round, please check out Kwanzaa 365!

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday season! See you in the new year!

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