Happy Kwanzaa 2017! Day 5: Nia

Celebrate Day 5: Nia

Nia means purpose.

You share your purpose. Think of the things you love doing and the things you are good at doing. Those are your gifts. Your gifts and talents that are purposeful are meant to be shared to empower our people. In exploring what could be your purpose, you may have to try new things.

Here are some ways you can celebrate purpose:

  1. Host a family/neighborhood talent show.
  2. Do a circle of show and tell where you share your most prized possessions.
  3. Learn about a revolutionary leader who shared their purpose with the black community.
  4. Practice a skill you have been working on to get better.
  5. Learn a new skill that you haven’t tried before.
  6. Teach someone else a skill that you’re good at doing.
  7. Create a vision board or picture to show how your purpose can help the black community.

Try this activity sheet!

For more activities celebrating the principles of Kwanzaa all year round, please check out Kwanzaa 365!

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