Happy Kwanzaa 2017! Day 4: Ujamaa

Celebrate Day 4: Ujamaa

Ujamaa means cooperative economics.

For children I frame it as “helping our neighborhoods grow.” That encompasses a lot: money, trading, production, agriculture, etc.

Here are some fun ways to help your neighborhood grow:

  1. Have lunch at a black owned restaurant.
  2. Volunteer at a black owned community center/shelter or a center with a predominately black community.
  3. Play Monopoly or a fun money game! Take a look at our classroom money game:
  4. Work in a community garden.
  5. Host a bake sale!
  6. Create a family money treasure box! Establish it to add money throughout the upcoming year for a new family gift or trip for next Kwanzaa.
  7. BUY BLACK CHILDREN’S BOOKS and do a reading circle.

Try this activity sheet!

For more activities celebrating the principles of Kwanzaa all year round, please check out Kwanzaa 365!

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