Kwanzaa 365 Workshops

Kwanzaa is NOT Just a Holiday!

Join Ms. Ashley of Villaging Brown LLC on her quest in spreading the word on the Kwanzaa principles!

Educator/Caregiver Workshops

These hour and a half workshops are to help train teachers, parents and other involved caregivers on teaching the Kwanzaa curriculum as well as ways to integrate the Kwanzaa principles into their personal lives. Adults will be given strategies in implementing Kwanzaa principles into their homes, community centers, classrooms and beyond. Join the fun!

Children’s Workshops

Formatted as a fun, celebratory learning party, children will enjoy a two hour play session with the Kwanzaa principles and learning about Africa. Children are treated with games, stories and desserts to instill a positive association with our community work.

Weekly Sessions

With weekly sessions, Ms. Ashley will personally come to your learning center to facilitate the Kwanzaa 365 curriculum. Starting with the 7 principles, children will be able to define and actively demonstrate the principles in how they interact with their classmates, family and community members. Sessions are an hour and a half. Base rate is $30 per session which is due in advance. If group contains more than 5 children, pricing reflects a total of $7 per child, which can be paid onsite.

The Principle 7

If you are looking to primarily focus on hands on activities exclusively pertaining to the principles of Kwanzaa, Ms. Ashley can focus on The Principle 7 of her curriculum! The first seven weeks of the curriculum delve into the meanings of the principles, why we use them and how to use them within our communities. This is an excellent character building series where children will enjoy learning about the principles and how to become community activists!

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Kwanzaa 365 Workshop Packages