Park Chronicles: Coan Park in Atlanta

Coan Park

Easily one of my favorite parks in Atlanta to attend. Here’s why:

  1. Great for mixed age groups. There’s a lot to do for babies with the swings and crawling on the grass all the way up to older children with the slides and monkey bars.
  2. Bright. The playground is usually well kept and visually appealing. When I’m approaching it it looks like a magical funland.
  3. Lots of green space. There’s an area for open running and games like tag.
  4. Picnic space. Well, one or two picnic benches, but if you’ve got a blanket there’s plenty room to go around.
  5.  Exercise. If you’ve got a partner with the kids, you can tag team and get a workout. Across the way they’ve got some gym equipment for you to work up a sweat as well.

I mean, the kids love it…take a look…

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