Kwanzaa 365

It’s Kwanzaa every single day in our household.

From an early age, it’s important to introduce the values you want your children to uphold as they get older. For our family, the Kwanzaa principles play a large part in outlining the values in our household.

Imani- Faith

Umoja- Unity

Kujichagulia- Self Determination

Ujima- Collective Work & Responsibility

Ujamaa- Cooperative Economics

Nia- Purpose

Kuumba- Creativity

Each candle representing a different principle, we practice with Jaali by giving him the candles, kinara and unity cup to explore on his own.

So while he may not be able to say the principles, he already recognizes the kinara and understands that it holds the candles.

Start early. If you haven’t already checked out my Kwanzaa 365 curriculum, check out my sample on its home page!

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