5 Reasons Play Dough is Dope

It should actually be called play dope.

I love play dough for children. I love handmade play dough especially, but I’m good for using store bought from time to time. Here are my top five reasons why play dough is one of my favorite early childhood tools for learning…

5 Reasons Play Dough is Dope

  1. Creativity- Children have the opportunity to stretch their imagination with play dough. You can purchase toy molds but they also get to shape the dough in any way that they want.
  2. Fine Motor Skill Building- Little hands develop strength with the use of play dough, which can help them for pencil gripping and other skills they’ll need to develop as they grow.
  3. Innovation- There are SO many ways of making play dough. You can practice with different scents, colors, recipes. There’s always a new opportunity to use play dough in a different way.
  4. Math and Science Skill Building- You can use play dough for shape identification. Measuring the ingredients out to make homemade play dough is part of math and creating different combinations of ingredients is basic chemistry. Yay for baby geniuses!
  5. Multiple Uses- You can add other tools with it besides the traditional tools. Try pipe cleaners, pom poms, stamps, blocks and more!

Play Dope!




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