Malcolm X Family Fest

Malcolm X is such an inspirational figure to me. I wanted to share his legacy with families so that they would begin to celebrate him with a more spirited intention.

So I put together the Malcolm X Family Fest. Three hours of family fun learning about the man and celebrating what he stood for with his people. Here are some pics…

We had a great time, despite the low turnout. As an event planner, I am always critical of the work that I do. The event itself was orchestrated well, but I wasn’t too happy with the amount of people that showed up.


Because this wasn’t just an important event for me, it was an important event for the community. We have a well attended Malcolm X event in Atlanta; however, it doesn’t cover Malcolm X in a manner that is child led and family oriented. There are performances and there are vendors. All of that is much needed to make an event like this a success, but as an educator I want his message understood. I want his spirit celebrated throughout the space and throughout the quality time that is spent in that space.

So I am thankful for the purpose. I am thankful for support. I am thankful for the intimate setting provided to start a tradition.

I will be back next year. But this time, it will be BIGGER AND BETTER.

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