Creating Safe Learning Spaces

First: An Explanation

I haven’t been blogging much for a while.

I was going to list reasons as to why but, truthfully, it doesn’t matter.

I have lots to share so I’ll just jump into it!

Second: An Exploration

I’m always looking for great opportunities to expand on early learning. Deciding to homeschool has pushed me to get a little more creative in the “curriculum” I develop for my little one. I know what I know and I am great at what I do; however, there’s an added social component that needs to be supplemented in my pursuit of learning as a teacher and with the learning of my son.

The library offers some great story times and activities during the summer. In particular, a local library offers a 2 hour program called “Learning Spaces” that is great for young children. There is open play with designated themed centers, a short story time and a snack. And it’s FREE!

The Toddlers:

The children definitely enjoyed their time there. It gave them new toys to play with that they didn’t have at home and new faces to engage with that they didn’t see every day. A daycare experience without actually having to commit to the institution.

The Mommy:

As an educator, spaces like this are important for me as well. Not only did it give me new ideas to try at home, but seeing another educator facilitate play and story time gave me new perspective on things I hadn’t thought about. For example, something as basic as making up new songs is just something I don’t do. As much as I love music for children and doing songs, I lack spontaneity in that department. But that teacher was on it! There were some great songs she did at circle time that I hadn’t heard before that she created. Kind of a big deal.

They definitely enjoyed it!




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